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Dietmar Firzlaff

Foto Dietmar FirzlaffThe company aquaFUTURE e.K. was founded on 17.11.1983. At an early age in my childhood I became interested in fish. I grew up in Siegen, but spent most of my holidays in Schleswig-Holstein. It was there I befriended a local professional angler, and he gave me an invaluable insight into waters and fish. Our working day normally began at 5 a.m. and finished at 10 p.m. It was an exciting and forming time for me.

From the age of 16 I had aquariums in the cellar of my parents’ house, and carried out many experiments, largely with tropical fish. In addition to my commercial education, I went through miscellaneous on-the-job practical experience trainings and attended numerous seminars, as well as husbanding my first hobby rainbow trout pond.

Once I had gained enough practical experience with rainbow trout I went on to specialise in the production of sea trout and artic char. These were mainly delivered as stock to dams and large flooded gravel pits. Due to the heavy demand for quality stocking fish I quickly reached my delivery opportunities. This was especially the case for “difficult to breed” fish species. In retrospect, my decision to take up undisclosed partnerships and cooperations with respectable partners, was exactly right.

I would especially like to earmark the development of egg incubation boxes; a system which has become nationally and internationally established, and with its help, part of my stocking philosophy has been achieved. The teamwork has provided me with the spare time to participate at national and international exhibitions, advanced training events, and other venues where ideas are exchanged. All this provides me with up-to-date knowledge and excellent contacts, which I am able to implement when providing problem solutions to my clients.

Adrian McIntyre

Foto Adrian McIntyreAdrian McIntyre has worked at facility managerial levels in the aquaculture industry over the past 15 years. He has extensive knowledge of all facets of marine finfish husbandry, live feed production and hatchery operations. His knowledge base includes design, fabrication and operation of various aquaculture systems, including large scale recirculating systems, flow through, sea cages and ponds.

He is a hand’s on and practical person with a track record of success. He has overseen the production of over 1 million Yellowtail kingfish per year and the world first propagation of Southern Bluefin Tuna.

His experience has taken him around the world. Having worked in Japan, Croatia and South America. He has a broad and comprehensive understanding of all aspects and processes in the aquaculture industry from propagation to plate.

aquaFUTURE Australia Pty Ltd was official registrated 1 August 2018:

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