Professional Aquaculture Consultancy

With aquaculture being a relatively new but rapidly emerging industry, technology and processes are constantly developing.  Our veteran team of aquaculture consultants have been in the industry since its inception over 40 years ago and are highly experienced in all aspects of aquaculture design, fabrication, construction, operations, maintenance, troubleshooting and training.  Our experience covers a vast range of aquaculture species in recirculating and flow through systems.

Aquaculture Consultancy Services

AquaFUTURE Australia offers a full range of aquaculture consultancy services and provides complete turnkey project solutions that include design, equipment supply, installation, management systems and training.  Our consultants have hands-on technical experience designing, building and managing fish farms across the world and can be used at any stage of a project.

Aquaculture Feasibility Assessments

All projects start with a basic feasibility assessment.  With extensive experience in the field, we can help assess your budget against production targets and advise on project feasibility.

Site Surveys & Sizing

Our consultants will work with you to define and scope out the size of the landmass and water requirements for aquaculture of the specified fish species.  We’ll create concept drawings of the production facilities and help and advise you on the selection of suitable sites for the project.

Aquaculture Design

We custom design every aquaculture facility to ensure that the aquatic environment – fish densities, oxygen concentration, water temperature, tank sizes and depths are optimised for the species and growth stage of the fish.  We provide detailed technical and engineering drawings along with 3D visualisations so you can quickly and easily see the layout of the facility.

Aquaculture Livestock Management & Production Planning

We always stay ahead of the latest innovations in the industry and utilise all the latest high tech equipment and machinery to ensure your plant is highly efficient.  Based on our species-specific design concepts, we can create production plans detailing food consumption, growth rates, stocking densities etc to ensure your investment is optimised.

Equipment & Infrastructure Selections

With over 40 years in the field, we’ve seen first hand the importance of selecting the correct system and equipment for the job.  All our designs come complete with 3D visualisation, detailed equipment specifications and engineering plans including tanks and tank linings, pumps and filters, biofiltration systems, water purification systems, oxygen generation and management systems, water quality monitoring systems & biosecurity systems.  Nothing is left to chance, everything is meticulously planned for optimum efficiency, automation and production capability.

Aquaculture Equipment Supply

Quality and integrity are at the forefront of all our operations and we have strategic partnerships with some of the best manufacturers in the industry.  Suppliers who are specialists in the field and regularly undertake research and development to pioneer new products for the industry. Our suppliers have been tried, tested and selected based on strict quality and service criteria so you know you are getting a quality product, that has been built to last.

Aquaculture Building & Construction

Whilst many clients prefer to use their own construction contractors, we like to oversee the installation from start to finish and provide on-site supervision.  With on-site supervision, we ensure the technical drawings have been correctly interpreted, implemented and the equipment has been installed to the required quality standards.   Our on-site supervisor is always available to answer any technical questions or help with problem-solving to ensure the construction operation runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Aquaculture Commissioning & Training

As experienced professionals, our consultants are with you every step of the way to help commission the plant and ensure all staff are fully trained in how to operate and manage the facility.  Many aquaculture consultancy firms provide specialist design services, however without the correct commissioning, water preparation and staff training even a well-designed fish farm can fail.

If you are new to the industry or want an aquaculture partner who will be with you every step of the way, you need AquaFUTURE Australia.