Pressure Sensor – Screw IN Version EPS

$600.00 + GST

  • Long-term stable hydrostatic measurements
  • Range 0 – 2.5 m water column (0 – 250 mbar)
  • Resistant against dirt
  • Virtual maintenance free
  • Ideal for the drum filter control

Exact repeatablity – even in dirty waters.

The SENECT water level sensor EPS measures the level of water based on the principle of hydrostatic pressure measurements.

Due to this method, the measurement is not influenced by dirt or biofouling. why the EPS sensors are ideal for the use in drum or belt filter. There, the EPS sensor recognises the water level changes induced by the filter mesh clogging and the filter control unit, which starts the flushing process.

Besides this typical application, the SENECT EPS sensor can be used for water level measurements in tanks including the refilling function. And since the sensor measures the pressure, the SENECT EPS can be used controlling the functions of aerators e.g. in aquaculture biofilter aeration and mixing.