Pressure sensor EDS Gas- or water pressure measurements

$600.00 + GST

Short facts:

  • Precise pressure measurements for monitoring or control applications
  •  Several measurement ranges available
  • (2.5, 4, 6 bar)
  • Maintenance free Ideal for monitoring of aeration- or oxygen pipelines in aquaculture

Versatile possibilities with pressure measurements

The SENECT pressure sensor EDS uses a piezoresisitve membrane sensor principle to measure the pressure of gasous or liquid media. This method is characterised by its long-term stability and therefore suitable for the surveillance of pressure in important pipelines, e.g. the aeration pipeline in fish farms. It is also suitable for liquid media like water. Here, it can for example be used to measure the pressure of the spray (flushing) bar of drum filters. Beside its use in monitoring and alarming, the pressure measurement can also used to switch or regulate actuators, e.g. compressor-pumps. For all these applications, the SENECT control units offer manifold possibilites to realize optimal controlling mechanisms.

Application example for the monitoring of the oxygen pipeline

In this application example, the SENECT TWO (2 Sensor-input ports, 2 actuator output ports) measures the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the fish tank. In case of low oxygen values, the solenoid valve opens and oxygen is transported into the water by the micro-bubbles – created by the ceramic oxygen diffuser.

Measurement of the pressure in the oxygen pipeline is here used to control the proper functioning. In case of a fault (e.g. oxygen bottles empty /oxygen generator failure /leakage), the user is alarmed.