Oxygen Sensor for SENECT Control Box

$1,650.00 + GST

Long-term stability due to the optical measurement principle

  • Measurement range 0 – 20 mg O2 per l / 0 – 200 % saturation
  • Minimum of maintenance
  • Exchangeable cap
  • Ideal for aquaculture applications

Minimal maintenance – reliable oxygen measurements.

The SENECT Oxygen Sensor O2S measures the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water reliable with a minimum of maintenance. Based on the principle of optical luminescence quenching, the sensor inspires with accurate and long-term stable measurements and does not depend on flow. Due to optical measurement principle, the sensor does not need to be refilled with consumables and has no expendable parts, except the sensor cap, which can be easily replaced after years of operation. This makes the SENECT Oxygen Sensor O2S perfectly suitable for many applications, especially for regulation of the oxygen concentration e.g. in aquaculture or for monitoring.